About The Festival

It’s that time of year and we’re counting days as we return to the enchanting Castle Kalwar, Rajasthan from March 1st until March 3rd, 2019.

We are bringing forth, the wildest lineup ever to step foot in this heritage 18th century home, laden with history, art and soulful reminiscence, for the second edition of District, India's first none of its kind music festival!

Masterfully curated for a celebration you’ll never forget, District continues our tradition of serving heavyweight performers alongside stylish, avant-garde talent from the most culturally rich underground communities in India and across the globe. Take a peek into the future alongside artists chosen with the intention to awaken one's higher consciousness through music, art and immersive interactions in alignment with nature’s harmony in this idyllic setting.

We take immense pride in our curation, as we strive to deliver a thoughtfully crafted, all-encompassing musical experience. This year we have challenged the status quo by proving that lineups at music festivals can be culturally diverse and still arrive stacked with a bevy of talent and that unmistakable must-not-miss allure, smack on!

The intention behind District is both noble and modern, in thought and action. This is an endeavour to bring forth a true community experience by bringing people together from across the globe sans caste, creed and color. This with a conscious choice of promoting local, homegrown and essentially Indian talent across all formats of music, art and visual media.

ONE Castle.
3 days.
4 stages.
50+ artistes.

Some people, some names are immensely valuable to this endeavor of bringing District to life, in its literal sense. Their support and contribution is cherished and shall evermore mean the world to us.

With top honors; the “Artiste of the festival” for our 2nd edition is BLOT!

Thank you team Bleep for tirelessly breaking your head and planning alongside, an immaculate international artistes roster for District 2019.

We eagerly wait to be swept of our feet with the exclusive Qilla Records experience.

And all this, power packed in our colorful and vibrant theme for this year; Origami….

We are here, thriving to deliver a new, holistic spin on the conventional music experience and needless to add, we can hardly wait for the likes of you to join us in this adventure.

4 [email protected] District

Each stage at District carries the name of and is inspired by a unique and popular spot in our diverse world. Our intention is to put together elements from all directions and create a unified space. The stages symbolize our attempt to bring the world together and create our very own, District.

Checkpoint Charlie: Mayhem in glorious motion

The sun sets behind the hill and the twilight is painted by the colors of techno. Make no mistakes for this is the grandest and loudest arena at District. Showcasing some of the biggest artistes to perform in India, you’ll learn what it is to let yourself free to the beat and set pace for the (after) hours to follow.

Quite like its (historic) significance of being a crossing point between the east and west, our main stage symbolizes the unification of global music and artistes.

De Wallen: Leave nothing to the imagination

Notorious as it may be, the after hours come to life at De Wallen; not under red lights but starry skies, complimented by high quality deep underground music for all children of the night. With mischief and menace in the air and artistes known worldwide for their nocturnal sounds, it is all but obvious where you’ll be in the hours towards the break of (next) day.

Diamond Fuji: Where the sun rises to the music

In the District scheme of things, the sun rises to the beat that emanates at the console under their command. Immerse yourself in the magic of dreamy tech house music, come alive to the morning sounds in your own unique way or simply let the wizards spin you some magic.

Inspired by the land of the rising sun and its most majestic symbol of freedom, Mt. Fuji, give yourself an enthralling experience of sun washed mornings atop the highest view point in the castle.


It's easy here… To wander freely and safely. To embrace the warm sun and warmer people. Start of the day for some and lucidly flowing into the next for the others, enjoy techno chill and easy sounds by the pool as you go about your day at the castle grounds.

To lose yourself in what you love and find happiness. Soak in serenity of the land and rejuvenation of water at Aruba, the Caribbean getaway.

Last but certainly not the least...

Harlem; the residence tent city,which will be your home for the exciting three days; add to that an interactive retail area beaming with colors and culture called Ginza.

Experience [email protected] District to add that tad extra to your time with us, offering thoughtfully executed experiences amidst the adventure we call District, India’s none-of-its-kind music festival.

All this and more put together to make this one memorable weekend for y’all.